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Day 24 | Invisible – Application

Read John 10

Is the invisible Church made up of sheep? If Christ is the Good Shepherd (and He is), then yes, we are His sheep. Sheep follow where their shepherd calls, as we see in verse 27. So we must ask ourselves: Do we follow? Do we see our lives marked by obedience to Jesus? If not, then what or whom do we follow? Do we follow self, politics, sex, or even family? While these things are good in the proper context, the key phrase is “in the proper context.” If our first obedience isn’t to Jesus and His Word, maybe it’s time to do a heart check.

If we know Jesus says a hallmark of His followers is their obedience to Him, why wouldn’t we strive to live according to His Word? None of Jesus’ commands are burdens to us, but they lead to abundant life (see John 10:10). Why would we run to sin rather than to our loving Creator? Why would humans try to live in a way other than the one God designed for us? We don’t try to eat cereal with an iPhone, do we? I suppose we could, but it would be an incredible misuse of what each item was designed to do and be. If we bear the image of God, then the way we live our lives should reflect the One whose image we bear.

Together, let us run the race of life, listening to the loving call of our Good Shepherd. Let us follow His voice as a sheep follows its shepherd, as He guides us into abundant life here on earth and in the age to come. If we simply hear and follow His voice, we can have confidence we are indeed His Church.

Pray for your ears to hear the voice of the Good Shepherd, Jesus.