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Day 35 | Blessedness Definition

Read Genesis 1:1–2:3

When we think of the word “blessed,” we usually think of it as being blessed by God with good gifts, like a new car or a new house. However, when we talk about God’s blessedness, we are talking about Him having joy in Himself, delighting in what He does within creation, and all that reflects His character.

When we read Genesis chapter 1, we see much more than just the world’s creation and all that is in it; we also see God delighting in what He has done each day. He creates something new every day and sees that it is good. Yahweh enjoys what He sees so much, He invites each creature to partake in His creation by blessing them to create more of what God has started.

God even creates creatures, man and woman, in His image and is so delighted, He says they are “very good.” But what is very good about humanity? We reflect God to the world. We are the visible gateway to the invisible Creator, even more so when we submit to and obey Christ! We are His agents in this world to bring about His will and demonstrate His authority in all creation.

There are ups and downs in the story of humanity as we work toward this goal, but, ultimately, we cannot complete it. However, God sent Jesus, who is both man and God equally, to be the perfect human. It is through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus we can recapture our place as God’s agents in this world. We can now more fully join God and reflect Him.

This is incredible. God says, “Partake in My blessing; do what I am doing and find joy in it!” So, how do we partake in this blessedness? We will discuss that tomorrow!

Pray for 10 minutes