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Resource Exchange International


Resource Exchange International 

REI is in the business of “building people to build nations.” Since its incorporation as a U.S. not-for-profit organization in 1990, REI has sent skilled and credentialed professionals, and a staff of servant leaders, to broker field-driven programs in countries around the world. Currently, REI programs are focused in Central Asia, Djibouti, Egypt, Indonesia, Laos, and Vietnam. We equip and empower people to strengthen their nations and improve their quality of life in each nation. We build human capacity by partnering with key individuals and groups in emerging countries, first inquiring about their priorities and then seeking to respond to those needs through sustainable, field-driven efforts. REI achieves sustainability by building future generations and expanding opportunities. We help to eradicate material poverty, poverty of education, poverty of opportunity, poverty of health, and poverty of soul—the poverty of individuals, families, communities, and nations. Through the expertise of our resident staff and short-term teams, REI plays a unique role in building human capacity among the professional class of the emerging world—those positioned to bring real and lasting transformation to their countries through transformational leadership.

About Jacob & Hannah

“Shortly after I graduated nurse practitioner school in 2019, I took my family around the world to a little country called Laos. It is in-between Thailand and Vietnam (in case you didn’t already know where it was). We joined an organization called REI. Resource Exchange International came out of a college ministry called the Navigators in 1992. REI specifically goes to developing countries that are closed to Christianity. Laos is #22 among countries listed as ‘highly persecuted’ among local Christians. We want to bring the truth of the gospel to these people and strengthen believers who are currently there.”

“The vision of Resource Exchange International is ‘People of emerging nations filled with hope as their countries are developed and their lives transformed.’ We want to help the people of Laos develop professionally in the medical field and in learning English. Most of all, we want to bring them THE HOPE that will transform their lives spiritually, not just professionally. While visiting Laos last September, I really enjoyed getting to know the ICU staff. I had a lot of fun communicating about patients during rounds and helping them work on their English skills. During that time of pleasant interaction, I was suddenly struck with a horrifying thought–none of these people know Jesus! They are completely and utterly lost and in need of the Savior. This is our greatest desire in going to Laos–making disciples!”


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