In Emerge Teens and Adults, our mission is to allow teens and adults with special needs to experience inclusion at church through providing a space for them to grow in their relationships with God and become more fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. We do this by providing opportunities for them to experience authentic worship, community, and community service. Our goal by providing this ministry is that teens and adults with special needs have a space within church to learn about Jesus and experience His love in an intimate and personal way. 

Our Emerge service for teens and adults currently meets on Saturday nights at the 7:00 pm service and on Sunday mornings at the 11:00 am service in the Fox Room. Teens and Adults may check-in at 6:40 pm/10:40 am and then return to the sanctuary to participate in corporate worship with the congregation. After worship, the teens and adults come back to the Fox Room for their lesson which includes scripture reading, small group discussion, and prayer time. Once the service concludes, the teens and adults return to the sanctuary to meet with their parents/guardians. Emerge leaders are present throughout the entire course of the night/morning to make sure each teen and adult has what they need to participate in each part of the service. If you are interested in getting a teen/adult with special needs involved, please view the "Register Your Teen/Adult" tab.

Before your teenager/adult attends Emerge, please take the time to fill out this All About Me form. This gives the Emerge team an idea about what we can do to meet each individual in a personal way, providing what they need to have a safe experience at church. Once you fill out the All About Me form, you will receive an email with further information and instructions about having your teen/adult attend. We currently offer services to teens and adults with special needs who function more independently, but we are able to provide one-on-one buddies on a case-by-case basis for those individuals with higher needs. If you want to register a teen/adult who would need a volunteer supporting them at all times as a one-on-one buddy, please wait to hear from the Emerge team before bringing them to Emerge, as this takes a little more time and preparation to ensure we have what we need to provide them with appropriate support.

Emerge would not be possible without our team of volunteers. If you are interested in serving with this ministry, please fill out our volunteer application.

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