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About Impact Africa
Impact Africa’s mission is to motivate, educate, disciple, and provoke individuals toward a passionate relationship with Jesus Christ through socially relevant outlets of ministry service; which in turn, deeply impacts individuals, communities, and nations.

About Ashley
"I heard a missionary speak on the radio when I was 9 years old. He was speaking about the HIV/AIDs pandemic in Africa and how we need to reach these people as quickly as possible for the gospel. I knew I was going to move to Africa at some point in my future. I went on a number of short-term trips, but I moved to South Africa in January 2016. I've been working with Impact Africa during these last 5 years, and I have loved being able to be apart of something bigger than myself."

Ashley plans to continue working with Impact Africa with the prayer of seeing God open more doors. Check out Impact Africa’s website to find out how you can partner with Ashley financially and through prayer.


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No matter your skill set or passions, there is a place for you to serve. Need some help deciding? Send us an email and we'll help find you a spot!

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