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Jesus’ final command to his disciples in the Bible was to “go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19). As believers, we are called to spread God’s word throughout the world — whether that is just outside our door or across the globe.

The Experience Community Church is active in the great commission in multiple ways. We support missionaries in Uganda, El Salvador, Egypt, Israel, Togo, Haiti as well as other areas globally. One of our goals is to support missionaries in all 195 countries. In order to accomplish this goal, we partner with organizations like Mentor Leaders and King’s Castle that provides us with opportunities to share the gospel to different areas of the world.

The Experience Community Church also offers eight different short term mission trips each year. 


Being able to partner with and serve the people of Uganda has been a tremendous blessing. Not only is it a dream and a vision that God laid on our hearts years ago, but to see the changes that have been made in such a short time has been a beautiful testimony of God’s amazing grace. We are so thankful for the doors God continues to open there and how he uses us as a church for his glory! 

Our mission and vision in Uganda consist of three main aspects:

  1. Pastoring the pastors-Teaching and training Ugandan pastors with sound theology and accountability.
  2. Evangelism-Spreading the Gospel to unreached places, helping to create community and accountability, raising up leaders for God’s kingdom growth
  3. Street kids ministry-Teaching the street kids about God’s love, mercy, and saving grace, providing meals and community for growth both physically and spiritually, and teaching them how to use the gifts and skills that God has provided them with to be changed and be the change in their communities.

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The ECC El Salvador mission team partners with an organization called King’s Castle Ministries. We are blessed with the opportunity to go out and serve the communities and children in rural El Salvador where few other teams travel. The relationships initiated by us are maintained by the Salvadoran brothers and sisters we work with each year. We are privileged to bring the Gospel of Peace and Hope to people who need it. We have the opportunity to detach from our distractions and better learn what it means to Go and DO as Christ directed us to. We have the blessing to help change others and be changed ourselves. King’s Castle El Salvador was established in 1989 and has now been the headquarters for 29 years for ministries in dozens of countries. King’s Castle International Training Center is a hub for the rest of the countries working together. Committed to REACH ALL of the 2,300,000 children in El Salvador the 8,000 King’s Castle Warriors (on 315 King’s Castle Teams) are busy doing Evangelism, Discipleship, Missions and Compassion Ministry all year. The mission is to raise up an army of young, Spirit-filled warriors who will invade Latin America with the simple message that 'Jesus saves and is coming soon.

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