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First Priority
Vision - The Hope of Jesus in the Next Generation.
Mission - Equipping the Next Generation to Live and Share the Hope of Christ.

First Priority of America exists to educate, train, and provide resources for Christian students to legally form clubs and share the gospel with unbelieving students on the public school campus.

About Brian
"I was blessed to grow up with parents and a church that gave me opportunities to participate in regular mission efforts. As a result, I developed a deep desire to serve and share the gospel with people who needed Christ. After surrendering my life to full-time ministry in college, I was honored to serve a generation of students through the local church for many years. During that time, God continued to enlarge my heart for missions through local, national, and international short-term mission trips. In 2006, God distinctly called my wife and I to serve university students in a megacity in Central Asia. That experience had a deep impact on our lives and further burdened our hearts to reach those who have never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ."

Brian plans to continue working with First Priority towards their mission with the prayers of seeing God open more doors.  He can always use new prayer and financial supporters. Check out First Priority's website to find out more.

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No matter your skill set or passions, there is a place for you to serve. Need some help deciding? Send us an email and we'll help find you a spot!

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