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Mentor Leaders is engaged in both global and community partnerships to bring aid, restoration, and sustainability to the physical and spiritual needs of the people we serve. 


With Mentor Leaders, you have the opportunity to touch the lives of children overseas in a unique way. Sponsoring a child ensures children receive a quality education, have access to clean water, nourishment, and basic medical assistance - all providing an equal opportunity for a successful future. Through sponsorship, you have the ability to provide the empowerment to maintain a job, maintain a family, and maintain a community.


When you travel with Mentor Leaders, your key role is to share the Good News of Jesus with these communities, using your specific gifts and talents. Think of this as your “sphere of influence.” By building relationships, spending time with people one-on-one, you are able to live out the love of Jesus before their very eyes. This, of course, opens the door for them to follow Jesus for themselves. As you pour out your hearts, they see God at work, and He is glorified!

Mentor Leaders offers trips to four different locations: Togo, Haiti, El Salvador, and Florida.

Togo, West Africa is Mentor Leaders first established mission. The village and sub-villages of Gbentchal consist of over 10,000 Togolese men, women, and children. The community sits nestled in the Sub-Saharan bush with no electricity and no running water except what Mentor Leaders provides via solar panels and gravity-fed plumbing. The village has one chief (Chief Kombate) and 9 sub-chiefs due to the enormous size of this village. Collectively, this is the Moba tribe; the smallest and one of the most forgotten tribes in all of Togo.

The Mentor Leaders Campus sits right at the heart of Gbentchal and operates directly under head Chief Kombate. We have the first and only rural village school in the region that incorporates grades K-5 to Graduation. And of course, Mentor Leaders maintains high standards of education, a factor which draws students from cities up to 2 hours away. This has opened a significant avenue for the gospel of Jesus throughout all of Northern Togo. Now, through our own classrooms, many are coming to Jesus. The church body has grown in Spirit and in number allowing for the launch of 5 more churches in the surrounding villages.

What will your partnership with us look like? While on Mission in Gbentchal, we will have the opportunity to share Jesus through teaching, music, dance, drama, visual arts, and athletics. Additionally, we will pour into the Gbentchal community through construction projects and various educational opportunities for adults. These are exciting times for the Gospel of Jesus, for the people of Gbentchal, and for the mission of Mentor Leaders. And you, our friends, are such a significant part of what God is doing around the world.

Giotin is a growing and rapidly changing community also in desperate need of the Lord Jesus Christ. In this northern Haitian village, Mentor Leaders maintains a school with Pre-K through 9th grade, adding a class each year. While our objectives are identical to the ones engaged in Togo, the Haitian setting is quite different. The views and landscapes around Giotin are breathtaking! But, be prepared for a bit of a trek. After landing in Cap Haitien followed by a two-hour drive into the northern territory, there remains a two-and-one-quarter mile hike to the Giotin village. The hike includes some ups and downs and a river crossing (by rowboat) right at the oceanfront! When we arrive in Giotin, we are usually met by many of the beautiful village children who are as happy for our arrival as we are!

While on mission in Goitin, we interact with local children and families, building relationships through summer camp and various projects on the grounds of the school. Summer camp will include Bible, music, and visual arts classes for the students. We also have a need for maintenance crews and medical staff to participate during the trips. Again, the work we do shows the glory of our God. And you are partners with us in his glory!

El Monzon, El Salvador is the newest global effort for Mentor Leaders. The Mentor Leaders Academy in El Monzon currently holds Pre-K through 1st grade with aspirations to add a grade each year as we do in the other locations. In addition to the school, our efforts here are highly focused on building a strong foundation of trust and support within the community. Mentor Leaders offers several mission opportunities here, including construction, maintenance, medical, and summer camps. Each mission effort will involve providing encouragement, opportunity, and support for both the school and church in El Monzon.

Cutler Bay is our first stateside mission. Through our partnership with the Village Church, we display the love of Christ by providing local public-school students with food during weekends and holiday breaks. Mentor Leaders will offer its first Cutler Bay mission opportunity during the summer of 2021. Our mission in Cutler Bay remains the same. We will bring glory to God by building loving relationships with students and their families and supporting the community through various service projects. We are also excited about the opportunity to host and sponsor a neighborhood block party for the kids in this community.


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