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My first experience with missions was in 2011 when I was 16 years old. In the midst of my parent's divorce, I had a friend invite me on a mission trip to Haiti. I didn’t know in what way God would use me, but I knew he would bring me back. I moved to northern Haiti with SAVE in January of 2016. While visiting a friend in southern Haiti I came in contact with Hope Rising children’s home who was planning to open a school. I have now been serving at Hope Rising since November 2016 teaching kindergarten and 2nd grade. I started Grandi Nan Nou Home Ministries in July 2017 as I became more and more aware of the kids in my community here unable to pay to go to school.

Grandi Nan Nou provides after school tutoring for students. Most of them are from single-parent homes or don’t have anyone at home who can read or write. We also work to help as many families as possible send their kids to school. Our heart is to partner with our Haitian brothers and sisters to provide a safe home environment to unite and grow. Our goal is to provide a safe space for local Christians, at-risk youth, community members, and missionaries to gather and grow together through small groups and worship events. Additionally, we seek to meet the needs within the community as they arise and provide life-skills training in areas such as but not limited to: cooking, budgeting, family planning, gardening, and basic trades. 

The past two years in Haiti have been full of extreme political unrest. Roads have been blocked with burning tires, random shootings have caused schools to be shut down, and inflation is strangling the already crumbling economy. We partnered to sponsor 38 students to go to school 2019-2020 school year, but they only were able to see 3 solid months of school. We continued tutoring at our house, leading a workout group, teaching English classes, and poured more into ministry at church. We had church at our home for a little over 4 months for our big clan and a few other misfits who don’t have Christian families to have services with at their homes. There are more ministry needs here than I could possibly list. We were able to build a side of our house to live in these past 8 months including the library to do after-school tutoring last year, but haven’t yet been able to roof the other side of our house: the living room, kitchen, porches and master bedroom. Please pray that I will be able to travel with my husband soon.


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