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About Grandi Nan Nou

We are located in Momance, Leogane, Haiti. We have three main ministries: after-school tutoring, a trade center, and our home, where we are discipling young people as they transition into independence. 

The tutoring program is a safe space for kids to come and, not only get homework help (necessary since most parents can’t read and write French to help them), but it is also a place for them to be mentored, learn how the Word of God is lived out practically, and are instilled with a sense of importance for reading and creativity. 

The trade center currently has four classes: plumbing, electricity, French, and ceramic tiling. During each class, there is a time of devotion. 

Our home currently has six young men who have all recently started working and, as they save to buy their own land and build, are being taught what it means to lead a Christian life as they serve God by serving others. 


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