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We believe in the mission of Jesus Christ. We desire to see the Gospel go far beyond our reach here in Middle Tennessee. That is why we partner with several churches across our nation. A few ways in which we support these churches are prayer, process training, and financial support.

About Church at the Well

The Church at the Well is a non-denominational church in the Burlington, VT area. They believe that church should be a welcoming place and that people shouldn't need to have background knowledge to understand what is happening. They also believe that church should always be a place for growth, where people are encouraged to let faith in Jesus take root in their lives.

Their name, "Church at the Well," comes from a common metaphor in Scripture: The Well is a place where people find life in God. The prophet Isaiah put it this way (12:3): "With joy, you will draw water from the wells of salvation." In Revelation 21:6, Jesus says: "To the thirsty, I will give water without cost from the spring of the water of life." They want to be a church found at the well, finding vitality, life, inspiration, and joy in God.

Values & Vision 

RE-INTRODUCING JESUS IN VERMONT: Cultivating a fresh conversation around the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Everything we do at The Well funnels through our Church vision statement: Re-introducing Jesus In Vermont. We’ve chosen four primary ways to Re-Introduce Jesus, and each one is a reflection of our community, representing who we are. Of course, they are aspirational in nature, so we don’t always succeed at expressing them fully. Still, they are the heartbeat of our community– these are what we’re all about.

Re-Introducing Jesus Through WORSHIP 
We believe that worship is so much more than a time on Sunday morning. Worship is something we do with
our whole lives! We hope that our worship not only makes sense to those around us but is also inviting and compelling. As a church, we aim for our worship to naturally reflect our culture. If Church At The Well feels like Vermont, that’s a good thing.

Re-Introducing Jesus Through SERVICE
We believe that a healthy church is one that is always serving and reaching out. As soon as we become focused on ourselves and our own needs, we begin losing our vitality. While we do provide various serving opportunities, more importantly, we aspire to nourish a culture of serving. Jesus came to earth as a servant, and we believe the Church should not be a place where we merely consume but instead, a community where we actively contribute.

Re-Introducing Jesus Through COMMUNITY 
We believe that Church is a family, so we
encourage an environment of care and connection. The local Church should be a place where we are supported, embraced, encouraged, and challenged to become everything God intended us to be. We also believe that a healthy church community should be dynamic and not static. A healthy organism is always experiencing new life, growth, and change.

Re-Introducing Jesus Through CREATIVITY 
As a church, we strive to cultivate
an ethos of creativity. While it’s true that not everyone is artistic, we do believe that everyone is creative! The God we worship is a Creator, and we are made in His image, so we take creativity seriously here at The Well. We also have the privilege not only to enjoy His creation but also to care for it.  When we foster and value creativity—our creativity and God’s–we Re-Introduce Jesus.

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