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Serving Students 9th-12th Grade

At Encounter, we have leaders present every Wednesday whose purpose is to build relationships with students. Leaders sit with students during worship and service, lead prayer groups, and meet occasionally with students outside of service.

All our leaders are required to go through a background check, for the security of the students, and to fill out an application that provides more information regarding background, service, relationships, etc. This is mainly to make sure that all our leaders are living a life above reproach and have a healthy, strong relationship with God before leading teenagers.

Serving at Encounter is a fantastic opportunity to build relationships and to pour into the next generation. Our leadership team is made up of many different people, from college students to stay-at-home moms. We embrace diversity in our team, as it allows students to have opportunities to connect with different people. All our leaders have similar tasks, and the main purpose for them is to make students feel welcome. Our goal at Encounter is connection and this is demonstrated heavily in our leadership team.

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Encounter is a community of students (grades 9th-12th) coming together to become and create Disciples of Christ. It is a ministry focused on Relationships--students to parents, students to leaders, and students with each other; Development--learning fundamentals of the Bible, how to pray, how to study; and Worship-- service as a form of worship, why we worship, why it's important to give back. We seek to encourage the next generation to rise and turn this world upside down. We focus heavily on giving students a voice, and we demonstrate this through regular Q&A sessions, as well as worship, Bible-based teaching, community nights, events, and prayer groups to get students involved.

Our leaders live a life above reproach and are screened and vetted for the safety of our students. We focus on being the best possible examples to the upcoming generation - in our daily actions, in our walk with Christ, and in how we love others. We are transparent, honest and supportive. We dedicate our time and efforts to seeing Christ change the generation after us. Encounter is a team whose goal is to pour into this group of young leaders.

Wednesdays | 7:00 P.M.

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