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In the nursery, we care for babies from 6 weeks to 23 months (as well as their parents)! We aim to make every parent feel comfortable dropping off their child and to make every child feel safe and loved. Most of our time is spent on the floor playing with the babies or in a chair rocking them. We also change diapers, clean toys, prepare snacks and doing anything else parents might need in the time that they are with us!

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In the Nursery, we aim to create a safe and fun environment for babies to grow in God's love. We know that dropping off young ones can be stressful for both kids and parents, so we are here to help the transition in whatever way possible. Parents are welcome to accompany their kids in the nursery for a few weeks or you can drop them off and run - we are here to help however we can! Our awesome volunteers are screened before being allowed in a classroom, so you know they are in safe hands. Only women can change diapers and supervise potty visits, just for parents' ease of mind. When our babies transition from the "crawlers" room to the "walkers" room, we begin telling them short Bible stories, offering a snack (bananas), and having praise and worship time together!

Babies (6 weeks to 7 months)
Crawlers (7 - 12 months)
Walkers (12 - 23 months)
Praise Team (Bible Story & Music)

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No matter your skill set or passions, there is a place for you to serve. Need some help deciding? Send us an email and we'll help find you a spot!

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