Authentic Community Service

We strongly believe in showing Christ's love through giving generously to our community. We believe Jesus has called His church to clothe, feed, and care for those who are in need. 20% of every dollar given to our church is given back into Murfreesboro & Cannon County through projects that directly benefit those in need in our community through various ministries and non-profits. We are committed to continuing this model of benevolence and community service as God continues to open doors for us to show the love of Jesus through ministries of compassion and service.


Serving Students 9th-12th GradeThe backbone of Encounter is our team of adult leaders. These leaders are a consistent presence every Wednesday and their goal is to build relationships with students so that we can make disciples who make...

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5000 is relationship-based and focuses on building trust as well as relationships that are intentional with those in need throughout our community.

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Not Sure Where to Serve?

No matter your skill set or passions, there is a place for you to serve. Need some help deciding? Send us an email and we'll help find you a spot!

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Art Ministry

The Art Ministry serves the church by using their artistic talents and abilities to create murals and other art projects around the building and in the community.

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Bar Ministry

Bar Ministry was created with the intent that as Christians, we need to be willing to meet people where they are at in life and show them the love of Jesus.

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Congregation Care

Our mission is to create authentic followers of Jesus through providing care services to individuals in need who are connected to our congregation. Some ways we do this are by strategically organizing meal trains and delivering meals for the...

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ECCO Nursery

In ECCO Nursery, we aim to create a safe, comfortable, and fun environment for babies (as well as their parents) 6 weeks to 36 months to grow in God's love.

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ECCO Pre-School

Preschool serves children ages three through five (who've not yet entered into Kindergarten) by providing a safe and welcoming space for each child to grow their relationship with Jesus.

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ECCO Elementary

In ECCO Elementary we strive to form meaningful Christ-centered relationships with kids ages Kindergarten to 5th grade. Our mission is to guide kids to the light of Christ through love.

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In EMERGE our mission is to make certain every child, no matter their age, has an opportunity to hear the Gospel and experience the love of Christ.

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At EON, we strive to meet 6th - 8th grade students in this exciting stage of life and promote an eternal identity; their identity in Christ.

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Evident is the Experience Community's ministry for young adults. All our serving opportunities are relational based whether it be a Group leader or serving coffee on Evident Nights.

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