ECCO | March 15-21

March 14, 2021

    Jesus is Better!

    Following Jesus was difficult for many of the first Jewish believers. Some of them began to wonder if following Jesus was worth it. It might be easier to stop worshiping Jesus. The Holy Spirit helped a leader write words to encourage the early church. We can read these words in the Book of Hebrews. The leader wrote:

    “Long ago, God spoke to His people through prophets. Now He speaks to us through Jesus. Jesus is God the Son, and He is like God in every way. Jesus sits right beside God in heaven.

    “Jesus left heaven to become a man. Jesus became a human being like us so that He could die and then rise again to rescue people from sin. Jesus became like us in every way so He could become a merciful and faithful priest for us. Because Jesus suffered and was tempted, He can help us when we are tempted.

    “This is why Jesus is the greatest! He is even greater than Moses. God used Moses to bring the Law to His people, but God used Jesus to bring the gospel! This is why we cannot turn away from Jesus. Instead, we must encourage one another every day. We do not want to be like the Israelites who rebelled against God after Moses led them out of Egypt.

    “Because Jesus is such a great high priest for us, we can keep following Him. Jesus knows we are weak because He became a human and was tempted, but He never sinned. Because of Jesus, we can boldly go to God, and God will give us mercy and grace.

    “This is why Jesus is better than anything and why we cannot turn away from Him. Salvation is found only in Jesus!”

    Christ Connection: Jesus is better than anyone and anything. He is the better Prophet, the better Priest, and the better King. Everyone who trusts in Jesus has salvation from sin through His perfect life, death, and resurrection.

    BIBLE PASSAGE: Hebrews 1-8
    STORY POINT: Jesus is better than anyone or anything!
    KEY PASSAGE: 1 Chronicles 16:31
    CHRIST CONNECTION: What is the gospel? The gospel is the good news that God sent His Son, Jesus, into the world to rescue sinners.

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