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July 26, 2021

    Defending the Faith

    Jude was one of Jesus' younger half-brothers. After Jesus rose from the dead, Jude believed that Jesus is the Son of God. Jude wanted other believers to share this good news about Jesus and to stand up for what is true about Him. Jude wrote a letter to his friends.

    “Dear friends, I was looking forward to writing to you about the salvation we have in Jesus, but I believe there is something more important to say. I urge you to stand up boldly for what is true—for the faith that God has given to His people.”

    Jude explained that some people among them made ungodly choices. They usedGod’s grace as an excuse to sin. They denied Jesus, our only Master, and Lord. Jude reminded them that people would make fun of believers and the truth. These people would grumble and complain. They would live however they wanted, lying to get what they want and sinning against God.

    These people do not have the Holy Spirit. They are unbelievers who bring division to the church. But believers build themselves up in the faith to stand for what is right. They let the Holy Spirit guide them as they pray. “Remember God’s truth,” Jude wrote. “He loves you. Jesus will come and give you eternal life.”

    Jude told the believers to show mercy to those who doubt, to lead others to Jesus, and to hate sin. “Now praise God!” Jude wrote. “He is able to keep you from sin. God is our Savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord. All glory, majesty, power, and authority belong to Him. Amen.”

    Christ Connection: Jude warned the early Christians that some people would try to divide them by sinning and by teaching things that weren’t true. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life—the One who protects His people from sin. Because of Jesus, we will be able to stand before God with joy.

    STORY POINT: Jude urged believers to stand up for what is true.
    KEY PASSAGE: Philippians 1:6
    CHRIST CONNECTION: What will happen for all Christians for the future? One day all Christians will see Jesus in His glory and will live with Him forever!

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