Experience Music

Bringing hope to people and being the best representation of Christ is what Experience Music wants to be.

Made up of around 65 members, Experience Music has been a part of the Experience Community Church in Murfreesboro, Tennessee since 2009. Experience Music plays a collection of worship songs that are popular in the Church and include original songs as well.  Following the bands first single release on iTunes, Free, Experience Music have released their new project, "The EP" The EP consists of songs written by members of Experience Music and written to touch the lives of many so they can encounter Christ.

Making sure that worship goes smoothly every weekend, the band is led by worship pastor Kyle Elkins. Kyle has been a long-time friend with Pastor Corey Trimble since 2006. Kyle led worship for the youth at another church from 2006 to 2009, with Corey as the youth pastor. Graduating from Middle Tennessee State University, Kyle left with his wife to pursue his career as an air traffic controller back home in Indiana. At the same time, Corey established the Experience Community Church in 2009. While in Indiana, the Lord called Kyle and his wife to move back down to Murfreesboro so Kyle could become the worship pastor in August 2013.

By leading worship for four services and multiple worship nights a year, Experience Music is excited to help build the body of Christ and lead people into a sweet presence with the Lord every chance they get.  As the church grows at a rapid speed, Experience Music is looking forward to what the Lord has in store. “Through it all, we want to be the face of God when people walk into church. As Experience Music, we want to be able to give people the message of hope, grace and mercy at the end of the day,” Kyle said.