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Level Up

It’s time to Level Up! All students are leveling up to the next grade!

Parents, if your child is entering kindergarten, 6th, or 9th grade, they will be moving into a new ministry area this summer! 

ECCO Kids (elementary): If your child is about to enter Kindergarten in the fall they will be joining the Kindergarten class starting June 3rd-4th!

EON (middle school): If your child is currently in ECCO Kids and is entering the 6th grade, they will now go to EON (our middle school ministry) during weekend services. They are also invited to join us for EON* on Wednesday nights starting June 7th!

*At the Cannon County and Tullahoma campuses, middle school students join with high schoolers for Encounter on Wednesday nights. Encounter is coming soon on Wednesdays at the Shelbyville campus. 

Encounter (high school): If your child is currently in EON and entering 9th grade, they are invited to join us on Wednesday nights for Encounter starting June 7th!** During weekend services, we encourage high school students to attend one service and serve at another. 

**Encounter is coming soon to the Shelbyville campus! 

Evident (college and young adult): If your student is graduating high school we invite them to join Evident on Thursday nights at 7PM on June 8th***

***Evident is only available at the Murfreesboro campus.