Counseling Services

The counseling services offered directly by The Experience staff are focused and intentional. In order to most effectively serve such a large and growing community, the counseling offered here operates within the following limits:

  1. Counseling services are provided only to those persons that consider The Experience Community their “home church.” The Experience offers the following as a suggested definition for home church:

    "the worshipping community that I attend for weekend services AND support monetarily and/or serve on a ministry team and/or where I am involved in a life group." 

  2. Counseling services' primary focus is on the general and emergent care of mental health concerns. While the staff clinician(s) possess a wide range of expertise, Counseling Services is not necessarily intended for long-term, open-ended, chronic therapeutic treatment. Therefore, the typical length of therapeutic services at the Experience Community is 6 to 8 sessions.

  3. Certain individuals/families may benefit from services that extend beyond the short-term model or from services not offered at the Experience Community. In these cases, Experience Counseling Services provides referral services either after initial triage, or as these factors become more apparent during the course of services. Some of the issues that are commonly addressed through referral to services outside of the Experience Community Counseling Services include:

    • Need, or request, to be seen more than once a week
    • Desire for uninterrupted long-term therapy
    • Prior history of hospitalizations
    • Prior history of long-term treatment
    • Chronic suicidal and/or self-injury behaviors
    • Presence of significant drug and/or alcohol problems, for example, substance
    • dependence, primary substance abuse, and/or past failed treatments
    • Presence of significant eating disorders

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