We believe that as Christ-followers we are strongest when we are pursuing Christ with other people. If we attempt to live the Christian life apart from intimate and genuine friendship and fellowship, we are more vulnerable to Spiritual attack and prone to deception. This is why we strive to create an environment in our small groups (Life Groups) where people are allowed to live transparent lives with one another and are safe to confess failures, struggles, and inconsistencies. Authentic community only happens when we give each other permission to be honest without fear of rejection. Life Groups exist to build relationships, discuss and learn the Bible in a small group setting, and give people the opportunity to pursue Christ together as a people united by His grace.

Life Groups
There are Life Groups that meet every single day of the week and offer a wide variety of options from men's, women's, couples, and others. To find a group, simply click the button below and contact the leader! 

Life Group Central
If you are looking to join a group, but don’t know what fits you best, then Life Group Central is an excellent place to start. With large group worship up front followed by discipleship groups we strive to meet people’s needs; no matter what they might be. Through worship, teaching and discipleship we have created a community of believers that not only teaches people where they are, but raises up leaders to send out

Evident (Young Adults)
Evident is a young adult ministry that is comprised of smaller missional communities that meet in homes throughout and around our community. 

EON (6th - 8th Grade)
Our Middle School Ministry offers small groups during all of their service times. 

Wednesday | 6:30 pm (joins with Encounter)


Encounter (9th - 12th Grade)
Our High School Ministry offers small groups during their service on Wednesday Night.

Wednesday | 6:30 pm

We offer a wide variety of different groups to meet the needs of people right where they are at. Whether you are looking for an addiction recovery group or support for an unplanned pregnancy, Care Groups are for you.